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Cosmetic Injectables

At Emagy Medspa, Cosmetic Injectables in Bronx, NY, we're all about reshaping beauty with our Cosmetic treatments. We offer Botox, Fillers (for Lips, Cheeks, Chin), and Lipo-dissolve to upgrade your natural charm. Come to our Beauty spa in Bronx, New York, for best cosmetic injectable services. We focus on giving you natural, refreshing results that bring out your beauty.

Botox: Timeless Elegance Redefined

Combat fine lines and wrinkles effortlessly with our Botox treatment. From forehead lines to crow's feet, our expert practitioners skillfully administer Botox injections to deliver a natural and youthful look.

Our range of Fillers:

Lips Filler:

Cheek Filler:

Chin Filler:

Get beautiful, well-shaped lips with our lip filler treatment. Whether you want more volume or a new shape, our treatments are customized to match your face, giving you a natural and attractive look.

Enhance your cheekbones and bring back a youthful look with our cheek filler treatment. Our skilled injectors use fillers to define and lift your cheeks, making your face look great.

Improve the shape and balance of your chin with our chin filler treatment. Whether you want more volume or a different shape, our precise injections give you a better profile and a more refined look.


Lipo-dissolve: Reshape Your Figure

Want to tackle stubborn fat? Our Lipo-dissolve treatment sculpt your body without surgery. With advanced methods, we target specific fat areas, giving you gradual and natural results.

Why Emagy Medspa Stands Out in Bronx, NY?

At Emagy Medspa in the Bronx, we combine convenience with top-notch quality. Situated in the heart of Bronx, NY, we provide exceptional cosmetic injectable treatments customized for Bronx locals looking for Botox, lip fillers, and cheek fillers. Our goal is to give you outstanding results.

Unlock Your Beauty Potential

Get a natural and fresh look at Emagy Medspa. We're dedicated to giving great service and taking care of our customers. If you want cosmetic injections in Bronx, NY, we're here for you.

Discover the Best Cosmetic Injectables Skin Treatments

Beyond our specialized services, Emagy Medspa is committed to offering comprehensive cosmetic skin treatments. From personalized consultations to post-treatment care, we ensure a seamless and comfortable experience.

Book Your Appointment at Emagy Medspa

Ready to upgrade your natural beauty? Schedule a consultation with our experienced practitioners today. Contact us to renew your look and get fresh, radiant and glowing skin.



1305 Hicks St Bronx, NY 10469.

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