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Medical Spa in Bronx, NY

At Emagy Medspa, the best Medical Spa in Bronx, NY, we offer a variety of treatments focused on your beauty, health, and wellness in the Bronx, NY. We believe looking and feeling your best should be easy and affordable. All treatments are performed by a trained professional in a calm and welcoming environment. At Emagy, our goal is to give you the results to feel confident and empowered in your appearance.

Welcome to Premier Medical Spa in Bronx, NY

Our Medical Spa in the Bronx, New York is all about feeling young and healthy. It's a great place for beauty treatments and relaxing. At Emagy Medspa, we focus on making you look and feel your best by using the latest methods and giving you special care. 


Why Choose Our Bronx Medical Spa?

We're here to make you look and feel amazing by blending science-based treatments with a peaceful atmosphere. As the best Medical Spa in the Bronx, we're proud to offer a range of services designed just for you.

Our Services

Experience the real feeling of feeling refreshed and renewed.

The Best Medical Spa Experience Near You

Our menu offers everything from refreshing facials to innovative body-shaping treatments. Each one is meant to make you feel refreshed and renewed. Come experience a customized journey to reveal your natural beauty with our expert team.

Conveniently located in the heart of Bronx, our Medical Spa stands as a beacon of excellence in aesthetic care. We understand the value of accessibility and aim to be the Best Medical Spa Near You, providing unparalleled services within your reach.


Explore Our Range of Medical Spa Services:

Cosmetic Injectables: Get a younger look with Botox, Fillers, and Lipo-dissolve treatments. Check out our options for personalized enhancements.

Aesthetics: Enhance your beauty with facial rejuvenation and skincare solutions. Explore our range of services for a customized transformation.


Body Contouring: Shape your body with non-surgical treatments. Discover our services for a more defined silhouette.

Health And Wellness: Take care of your well-being with services promoting inner balance and vitality. Explore our holistic offerings for a refreshed you.

Clinical Lab Testing: Get comprehensive health checks with our lab testing services. Explore our testing options for detailed health insights.

Non-Invasive BBL: Try non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift procedures for natural enhancements. Explore our options for a transformative experience.

Explore Our Diverse Range of Services:

Beyond these main offerings, delve deeper into Emagy Medspa's realm of services. From specialized skincare to advanced health diagnostics, explore our extensive suite of sub-services tailored to meet your unique needs and desires.

Unmatched Expertise and Care

At Emagy Medspa, your well-being is our priority. Our team comprises seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional care and results. We prioritize your comfort, ensuring a seamless journey from consultation to treatment completion.

A Commitment to Excellence

Embrace a transformative experience tailored to elevate your confidence and well-being. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and personalized care, Emagy Medpsa  emerges as the pinnacle of premium medical spa services in Bronx, New York.




"I had a fantastic experience at EMEGY MED SPA Aesthetic Clinic. The staff was friendly, the facility was clean, and Dr. was attentive. The results surpassed my expectations. Highly recommend!


Highly satisfied with Emegy Aesthetic Clinic! Friendly staff, modern facility, and Dr. expertise exceeded expectations. Delighted with the results, highly recommend


Outstanding experience at Emegy Aesthetic Clinic! Professional staff, skilled Dr, and impressive results. Highly recommended for quality aesthetic care

Join Us in Redefining Beauty and Wellness

Experience the transformative power of our unparalleled services and embark on a journey toward revitalization and self-discovery. Discover the Best Medical Spa in Bronx, NY – where beauty and wellness converge.

Book Your Appointment Today

Transform your aspirations into reality. Contact us to schedule a consultation and embark on a journey towards a more confident, rejuvenated you. At Emagy Medpsa , your transformation begins here.



1305 Hicks St Bronx, NY 10469

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